NIS2 is coming.

Focus on your business. We take care of NIS2.

Embrace NIS2 Compliance with Confidence: Let Us Simplify the Process for You

Have you been frustrated with IT experts talking about NIS2 and you still didnt get the point what its all about?

You read the NIS2 documents and still do not know in what direction to run?

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der banet gmbh.

Become NIS2 compliant.

You will see that you are maybe much better prepared than you think you are.

We help you fix the last mile.

We offer reliability.

We´ve done that before. Many times. We are not experimenting.

We speak your language.

You need to make decisions – we provide information and explain how things are connected.

At banet we know that you want to focus on your business.

We know you are not bored and you got plenty of jobs to be done. Probably you were not waiting for NIS2 to come make your day. We know that frustrating.

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We know how frustrating it is to work with IT nerds who don´t provide easy understandable information

For you being able to focus on your business, you need someone to take care of NIS2.

The problem is, the EU forces you to comply to NIS2 which is maybe a little bit annoying. We believe, that no-one should be overwhelmed with compliance paperwork thats hard to get grip on it. We understand that even if you read all these NIS2-documents, you will maybe not know EXACTLY what is asked for.

This is why we jump in to help you. We already did it several times (NIS is in place for approximately 100 companies in Austria since 2016). We know what is necessary – and what is goldplating.

Here´s how we do it:

We set up a meeting

To introduce you with NIS2.
What its about. Everything you need to know presented on a silver plate.

Go get our NIS2 workshop

You believe we are the perfect match for you? Here we go into details together with your IT to find out what is already there and what steps are missing.

You know what to do

You either do it on your own or there are parts where we can help you.

Invite me for a coffee and let´s talk about NIS2.

Call me xxx, mail me xxx or send me a carrier pigeon.

Of course you could also choose this calendly link to book directly in my calendar.

So you can stop feeling bad how unnecessary and complex this NIS2 regulation is and instead focus on your business.

Let Us Simplify the Process for You


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